PLAYLearnThink has been promoting play based and inquiry based learning for over 20 years.

At PLAYLearnThink, it should be pretty obvious that we hold play in very high esteem. Research and practice tell us that play is cornerstone to children’s healthy cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development. We also know that it is important for adults’ continued growth.

PLAYLearnThink is a social enterprise dedicated to fostering creativity, nurturing resilience, promoting science literacy and encouraging life-long learning through play-based and inquiry-based exploration. Founder/educator Pierre Harrison believes that play is a fundamental element necessary to create a sound foundation on which to build a healthy, fulfilling life. Observe any child or group of children completely engaged in play and you will see what we mean.

PLAYLearnThink provides play training for adults, Adventure PlayDays for children and play consulting for anyone involved in play provision. We celebrated 15 years in 2018. To date 15,376 workshop participants have taken our Play Ambassador’s oath. We have reached just over 15,045 children directly through school and community Adventure PlayDays. We continue to help municipalities across Canada on their quest to take a walk on the play side!

Click on your language to view a pdf leaflet developed for parents and caregivers attending our community/family Adventure PlayDays: Let’s PLAY! / Au Jeu. Click here for an excerpt from Pierreā€™s Learning Through Play workshop/talk. Click here for pictures of our Adventure PlayDay at Levack Public School. Click here for a video by TFO of one of our Adventure PlayDays where Pierre chats about the importance of child-directed play (French). Click on our COVID-19 tab above for more resources. Follow the other menu tabs above to find out more.