COVID Adventure PlayDay

Self-directed play is a child’s best defense against anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children need to play especially during times of crisis such as the current pandemic (see the COVID-19 tab above) because play is part of a child’s coping mechanism that helps them deal with stress and anxiety. This is why, for National PlayDay at the beginning of August 2020, PLAYLearnThink hosted a community Adventure PlayDay which respected the COVID-19 restrictions of that moment in time. Outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people were allowed as long as physical distancing was maintained or masks were worn. The following video describes the set up for the Adventure PlayDay and underlines the precautions taken to keep all participants safe at the event.

The Adventure PlayDay was a blast! It was wonderful to hear all the laughter and to see children and parents/caregivers playing together to create something fun. Everyone was very much respectful of the guidelines in place due to COVID. Children would select their materials and tools from the loose parts tables and the host would hand over their selected items. Thanks to a local butterfly enthusiast, two dozen Monarch butterflies were also released at the event. Click here to see a power point of photos from the day.

As participants left with their creations, they expressed their appreciation for the event which was nicely summed up with one mother’s comment: “Thank you for a wonderful day which brought a sense of normalcy into our lives”.

The annual Adventure PlayDay event continued for 2021. It took place on August 7th and COVID protocols were again in place. Click here to see a power point of photos from the day. If you want to see some children in action, click here.

If you or a community group would like to organize an Adventure PlayDay in your area, please contact us through the tab above and we would be happy to share our experience and to walk you through the process.