Children as Scientists


Science: To many it is intimidating. Yet how we interact with our environment is based on curiosity, inquiry and experimentation, all of which are the basis of science. Scientific inquiry is how we gain knowledge and build lifelong skills.

"Children as Scientists" is a workshop aimed primarily at early childhood educators and primary/junior grade teachers. However, it is also suitable for any audience which is involved in the education of young children such as parents, teachers, community recreation leaders, etc.

The workshop is delivered in 3 parts: an interactive presentation, demonstrations and finally a Q & A/discussion. The interactive presentation links children's play to the scientific process. It covers how children learn and what we need to do to encourage them to become life-long learners. It is adaptable to a variety of audiences.

Part 2 showcases a series of science demonstrations/activities that can be done with children. The purpose of this section is to instil confidence in participants and show them that science, and thus learning, is fun. It also serves to excite participants who will then pass along their excitement to the children.

The workshop ends in a discussion. Questions will be answered and participants will be guided through the development of ideas on how to incorporate what they have learned into their workplace or lives at home.

The entire workshop usually lasts 3 hours but can be expanded up to a full day workshop (by pairing with a half-day Learning Through Play workshop) or adapted to fit into a tighter schedule (less activities) and can accommodate a large number of participants.

Praise for "Children as Scientists"

"An interesting and informative workshop that added to my knowledge and gave me insight and new ideas to use with children."

- Early Childhood Educator, Sudbury


"This was a great workshop - everything was totally relevant and extremely informative and fun!  Thank you for sharing your passion with us!"

- Early Childhood Educator, Collingwood


"Excellent speaker. Very easy to listen to, informative and entertaining.  Would have liked more time to ask questions.  I used to be scared of “science” but find it less so after doing this workshop."

- Early Childhood Educator, Guelph


"Your enthusiasm is contagious.  Fantastic workshop!  You should be invited to every elementary school in the province...."

- Early Childhood Educator, Penetanguishene


"The workshop was exciting, informative, enjoyable, entertaining!!!  Keep doing it Pierre! Excellent!  I wish I had been in your science class."

- Early Childhood Educator, Sudbury


"The workshop was very informative, very enjoyable, very interesting.  Your philosophy was wonderful and refreshing to hear.  Excellent experiments with common materials.  Great job!"

- Early Childhood Educator, Barrie

For more information regarding "Children as Scientists" or to schedule a workshop, please send us a message here.